'The issue's theme was the Chelsea Flower Show. I wanted to create something incorporating the floral majesty of this iconic event without the typicality of colour or prettiness. I found my ultimate inspiration in the works of my favourite photographer, Helmut Newton and the Chanel camellia flower. I conjured Parisian-chic fused with a Far-Eastern undertone. My character was not a subtle young girl but a woman with love's lust lorn. Her narrative is one of a bittersweet Springtime in the city; the flowers she adornes are clean but the environment beyond her walls, the world is rugged. And so for all the colour there could be, there is none. It is a fashion story that completely finds harmony in the soft femininity of the season and the hard sophistication of haute-couture'.                                                                                                                        

- Francesca Barrow, Creative Director

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