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Francesca Barrow is the founder of Façonner. She is a design curator, art director and songwriter renowned for her 'storytelling'.


In the words of Anthony-James Armstrong for Belgravia Magazine:

'She's an aesthete. She seeks beauty in every aspect of her life, and, importantly, in other people's lives too. The culmination of those desires is Façonner' .

Francesca has worked with the most pronounced luxury brands and emerging designers on the planet and is pioneer of the concept of 'design curation'. Founding Façonner at just 21 years old, she conceptualised the idea for a company that would effectively convey the creative vision of a brand through forging powerful cross-networks and collaborative imagery. She is responsible for taking some of the worlds' leading fashion houses and coveted pieces to 'luxury publications' where previously they would only lend for mainstream publications; and curating them with depth to target non-competitive alliances in front of their consumer.


She went on to found the 'Façonner Townhouse' in Belgravia and was widely recognised as amongst the first to pioneer this concept as a live exhibition space for these brands; where the company hosted a number of successful gatherings.


Having graduated early from Regent's University (Webster) with distinction in Media Communications and English Literature, Barrow went on to work in luxury publishing. Here, she immersed herself within the fashion and interior design spheres and noted the disparity between what brands were trying to convey and their message. Barrow has since worked with almost every major luxury fashion house as well as an array of key players in the luxury magazine world and is reputed for her artistic direction and styling of editorial published internationally. She regularly contributes her written commentary on design to these magazines and is dedicated to the championing of artisanal beauty that her company is known for. 'One of beauty over a mass of fast fashion,' she noted in her launch speech for Façonner's official British Fashion Council event at London Fashion Week in 2011.


In 2020, Barrow launched her second company: 'Clean Luxury' Beauty brand Ches Editions; further dedicated to the marriage between luxury aesthetic, quality and sustainability she's so empowered by. It has been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar as well as of course, an array of her beloved luxury titles she so believes in. 

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